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Paul Langlotz, MA, LMFT

Most of us come into therapy seeking change. Maybe we hurt too much, feel lonely, depressed, anxious, or hate our job. Our relationship might be faltering or we're feeling overwhelmed by the family. What I've learned is that we come into therapy thinking that we have one story, or narrative, and that narrative is set and fixed. I believe we've forgotten that we have a multitude of stories, or alternative narratives. Those alternative narratives can be discovered and shed light on new options and possibilities, while expanding our understanding of what we once believed was unalterable.

What we can do together is discover your preferred narrative, find your intentions, set goals, and explore the barriers to achieving those goals. I believe in a nurturing, strength-based, and collaborative therapeutic environment that is based not as much on my expertise as it is on yours.


My Masters degree in Clinical Psychology includes a specialization in LGBT affirmative psychotherapy. Also, I'm trained in Attachment Focused EMDR (EMDRIA Certified) and Trauma Resiliency Model which focuses on PTSD, long-term exposure to physical and sexual abuse, and drug and alcohol dependency. I work with individuals, couples, and teens.


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