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Gabriel Garcia, MA, LMFT

My practice is committed to providing accessible psychotherapeutic services to individuals, couples, families, and teens of all walks of life. Psychotherapy supports the innate wisdom of all people to heal the soul. It fosters a sense of resilience / strength and allows us to engage more wholly with the world around us in creative ways.


The technologies of healing we practice and imagine in psychotherapy allow us to evolve understandings of ourselves and others. These techniques can be shared with our communities, families and friends.


My way of working draws upon the knowledge of each individual as well as the knowledges of the communities in which people are embedded, refining the most helpful of these and discarding or editing that which is deleterious to the experience of growth.


I view myself as an expert of conversations that are meant to draw out your dreams, hopes or desires for a balanced and rich life. I do not, however, position myself as an expert who knows the right way to live. The experience of working in this way posits you as the holder of knowledge, putting clients in an active, empowered position and privileging your agency so that you may live closer to personal meaning, philosophy and healing.


I am non-dogmatic and I believe the path to healing is unique to each person and manifests in sometimes novel or surprising ways. I work to critique cultural norms and societal beliefs in order to better understand the effects of power upon our sense of self. Being human means moving through eruptions of emotion, riding waves of experience and journeying through unmapped territories. It is my hope to create space for all varieties of these experiences and view them from multiple vantage points.


My life is informed and shaped by associations with punk and alternative educational models. I have studied: music, philosophy, Taoism, Zen, Yoga, Anarchism, magic, art, and alternative states of consciousness in academic settings as well as in life practices.


As such, I work to reduce the influence of hierarchy in the therapy process. I am also committed to providing sliding scale for those in need. I work with a variety of timelines of therapy and have created a pay structure that allows people to engage in weekly therapy, as long as they deem necessary. Some therapies last years, others weeks. It is for this reason that I place that power of the duration of therapy in the hands of the client as a gesture towards your autonomy and knowledge about the use and efficacy of the endeavor.


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